Splitting Up on Race Weekend?!

Hello there, folks!

Kenny here. It’s been a while since I hopped on here and talked about what we have going on around the shop. We have a busy week and weekend ahead of us so here’s what’s going on.

This Saturday is one of DigNight’s largest No-Prep races of the year out at Houston Raceway Park in Baytown. We have to get the Camaro ready to roll and get everything ready for the track.

However, there’s a kink in our plans. You see, I’m supposed to be racing my Trans Am Series 2 car at Circuit of the Americas in Austin this November. The only problem is I haven’t driven the car on the track yet. The track is open for testing this weekend and it’s my only shot to get the car dialed in before November. 

So while I’m taking the hauler and our crew chief to Austin, Kristin, Kendall, and Boyd will be headed to Baytown with the Camaro. We don’t split up on race weekends very often so this will be interesting! 

I have faith in the kids. They’ve done this thousands of times over the years so I’m sure they’ll do great. I just hope my weekend in the TA2 Mustang goes as smoothly!

We’ll post a recap video of the weekend early next week. Stay tuned!

Verse of the Week

“Who is it that overcomes the world? Only the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God.”

- 1 John 5:5

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