Restomod vs. All Original

When it comes to classic cars the first and biggest question before the build begins is whether to keep it original or do a restomod?

Nowadays a lot of the classic cars out there have been inherited by a family member and they have no idea what to do with it or where to start. We have many customers that started out this way. The vehicle is sentimental and they want to keep it in the family and be able to enjoy it.

On the flip side, there are many classics that have been purchased by various people and are far removed from the original owners. These are the cars that typically turn out to be the window-shakin', engine-roarin', bad-to-the-bone rides. 

Whatever story the car has, we've brought countless classics back to life and have given them a rumble they never had!

Let's get into the difference between an all original car and a restomod.

All Original

As the subject implies, all original means the car will have the exact look it did when it left the dealership all those years ago. Depending on the year that could mean no air-conditioning or power-steering. Being in Texas, air conditioning is just about as essential to us as water is so we often add AC to these older cars. 

All original also means the original color, interior, and engine. Seeing a classic that is all original is really rare so if you chose to go that route, you'd have something special. 

The downside of going all original is that the car may not have some of the modern day comforts like air-conditioning, power-steering, electric windows, a nice stereo, or even cup holders. However, some people prefer it that way. They would rather have the exact car their grandfather had and enjoy that memory every time they go for a drive. It's 100% up to the customer.


Restomods are the cars better known as hot rods! These are the cars that have power-house engines, big tires, and some fierce suspension that can handle all of that power. 

The main difference between a restomod and a car that is all original is that keeping the car "stock" isn't a main concern. The car can still have that old school look, but may have some touches of modernity. This can include a booming stereo system, air bag suspension, or in this Hellcat's case, an dash from a 2015 Hellcat. With restomods the sky is pretty much the limit.

So is it better to keep the car original or do a restomod?

Of course that decision is entirely up to you. If you're looking to keep the car mostly original except for air conditioning you will have a valuable piece in your possession. On the flip side, if you're looking to get some old school muscle out of that classic in your garage, you'll not only have something valuable but unique as well. They're not making any more '67 mustangs or '70 chevelles, obviously, so the key is if you have the opportunity to own a classic, keep it in the best condition possible and you'll have it to enjoy for years to come! 

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