When is it time for a brake job?

When it comes to vehicle maintenance there's a few rules-of-thumb that we go by. For example, you're supposed to get an oil change every 3,000 miles (usually). However, knowing when it's time for a brake job isn't just a matter of miles. There's not an exact schedule for brake maintenance because it mostly depends on how and where you drive. 

The anatomy of your brakes goes like this:

brake anatomy.jpg

When you apply the brakes to slow your car down the calipers squeeze the brake pads against the rotors causing friction. Over time, the brakes pads thin out and the rotors have more wear on them. If you are using your brakes frequently because you live in an urban area then you will need to replace your pads more often (every 10,000 miles or so) than someone who lives in a rural area and drives mostly on the highway (every 30,000 miles or so).

So how do you know when it's time?

Some luxury vehicles come with a sensor that can detect when a pad needs to be replaced. However, it's not always accurate. Your best bet is to use your ears and when you start to hear a squeal when you apply the brakes, it may be time to get them looked at. 

Another sign that you may need new pads is if it's taking your vehicle longer to stop or if your pedal reaches closer to the floor than normal. These are things that you may not notice as time goes on so if you're hearing a screech or your brakes just don't feel normal then it's best to have them looked at by a trusted mechanic. 

Who can service my brakes?

Just about any repair shop can do a brake job, but make sure that they have experience and you trust them enough to be honest with you. 

If you're in the Katy, TX area then we can certainly do this for you! Just bring your car by so we can take a look and tell you if your car is ready for new pads or if you still have a ways to go.

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