E85 vs E85R. What is the difference?

What is E85?

So a big thing nowadays is E85 conversions. E85 burns cleaner, can give a boost in horsepower, and has that lovely signature corn smell to it. We're a Sunoco race fuel dealer and we sell E85R. The number one question we get is why is our E85 so expensive when you can just get it from the pump?

E85 is NOT the same as E85R

As the name implies, E85R is definitely different from it's pump-sold counterpart. The "R" in the name stands for race fuel. The E85 you get from the pump is 85% ethanol and 15% regular gasoline, or at least it should be. Most E85 pumps state that the ratio varies seasonly. What this means is in the winter time, you could actually be getting 75% ethanol and 25% gasoline or even less! As you can probably guess, that would impact your vehicle's performance.

Meanwhile, E85R is 85% ethanol and 15% race fuel and that ratio does not change. With E85R, you can be certain that you're getting exactly what you think you're getting every single time. And you're actually getting a higher quality fuel because of the 15% race fuel instead of regular gasoline. 

Do you have to fill your daily with E85R only?

Not necessarily. There's a lot of people out there that have done an E85 conversion on their daily driver and filling up with E85R every time can get expensive. So for daily driving, the pump E85 would do fine. Just be aware that the ratio isn't always what you think it is. However, if you're about to head to the track, you definitely want E85R in your car for optimal performance. No question about it.

Where can I get some E85R?

We sell it at our shop in Katy, TX which is west of Houston. If you're not local, you can look on Sunoco's website to find a dealer near you!

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