Holley EFI Tuning Services

Your Holley EFI Tuning Specilalists.


Holley EFI Tuning Services

We offer in-house tuning services for the following Holley EFI Systems:

  • Holley Dominator
  • Holley Terminator X
  • Holley Terminator X Max

What Does It Cost to Tune My Holley EFI System?

The cost to tune your Holley EFI equipped vehicle varies greatly depending on the vehicle, engine , and modifications involved but a rough estimate would be $650-$1,000.

What Is Included With My Tune?

Whenever we do any sort of tuning to a vehicle we always do a baseline dyno pull before we get started and then another dyno pull once the project is finished. This allows us as well as the customer to see the results of our work and their investment.

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