All Terrain Tires vs Mud Tires

Pros and Cons of All Terrain Tires and Mud Tires

While Mud Tires look great and add an aggressive look to your vehicle, there are some drawbacks. All terrains are great, but can they get you out of a deep rut if you need it? Let's break down the difference between All Terrain Tires and Mud Tires.


All Terrain Tires

As the name implies, all terrain tires are able to get your vehicle across most terrains. While they aren't the best offroading tires, if you happen to find yourself on a dirt road right after a heavy rain they'll get you through it. 


  • Smoother ride

  • Lower noise level

  • Better traction in slick conditions (ice, snow, rain)

  • Some brands still maintain an aggressive look


  • Not meant for offroading

  • Smaller tread (compared to mud tires)

  • Thinner walls (compared to mud tires)


Mud Tires

While all terrain tires are made to be flexible in most conditions, mud tires are designed specifically for offroad conditions. The tread blocks are larger and are able to get through rocks and loose ground like mud or sand. The walls are also thicker to better withstand sharp and jagged edges compared to all terrain tires.


  • Aggressive look

  • Great for rough and rocky terrains

  • Excellent on loose ground


  • Loud road noise

  • Not great in wet conditions

  • Rough ride


Do I need All Terrains or Mud Tires?

That depends on how much offroading you do with your vehicle. If you're debating which tire should go on your daily driver, we think all terrains would be great. Nitto makes an all terrain that looks pretty mean so you still get the aggressive look without sacrificing functionality. 

However, if you're thinking about tires for your weekend jeep then go with mud tires! Driving on pavement isn't bad for the tires, it's just not the mud terrain's specialty. 



So if you're doing more offroad driving than pavement, go with mud tires. If you're vehicle is more of a daily driver then some aggressive all terrains should do the trick!

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