Drop In vs Spray In Bedliner

Drop-In vs Spray-In Bedliner

You just got a new truck and it came with a beautiful new and painted bed. That's great until you need to put something really big and heavy back there that can roll around and....well you get the idea.

When it comes to protecting the bed of your truck, you basically have 2 options: a drop-in or a spray-in bedliner. While they each have their own pros and cons, both options will do a fine job of protecting the bed of your truck.

What is the difference?

The main difference between a drop-in and a spray-in bedliner is a drop-in is a plastic shell made to fit your bed and is placed in the back of your truck while a spray-in bedliner is a thick rubber-like material that is either sprayed or rolled onto your truck bed. 

Pros and Cons

Drop-In Bedliner


  • Removable: The beauty of a drop in bedliner is that it is removable. If you want to swap it out or decide you don't need it anymore then you can simply remove it.

  • Budget-Friendly: Drop-in bedliners tend to be a bit cheaper than the spray-in option.


  • Not as aesthetic: To some people, the drop-in bedliner doesn't look as pleasing to the eye. However, this all comes down to what you think looks better.

  • Water and dirt can get trapped: Because of the nature of drop-in bedliners, water, dirt, etc. can get trapped in the gap between the plastic shell and the bed of your truck. This can make for a messy situation if rust starts to form.

Spray-In Bedliner


  • Incredibly Durable: Made of a polyurethane mixture, spray-in bedliners are known for being very durable. It can be difficult to damage the liner.

  • Reduces Cargo Sliding: The texture of spray-in bedliners is more rough and rubber-like compared to the plastic bedliners which prevents your cargo from sliding across the bed.

  • No Gap Between the Liner and Bed: Since the spray-in liners are, in fact, sprayed directly on to the bed you don't have to worry about water and dirt collecting underneath it.


  • Permanent: Spray-in bedliners are permanent so removing it would not be near as easy as a drop-in liner.

  • Can be pricey: Often viewed as a premium choice, spray-in liners tend to be a little more expensive than the drop-in liners.

So which should I choose?

Like I mentioned earlier, it all comes down to what you like and what you're trying to accomplish. If you want something that will get the job done, be budget-friendly, and easily-removable, then a drop-in bedliner is a solid choice. If you don't ever plan on removing the liner and need something to handle a lot of abuse, then the spray-in bedliner is a safe bet.

Where can i get my bedliner done?

We can do any bedliner you want at Bumbera's. Just give us a call, send us a message or stop by!

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