Regular vs Synthetic Oil Change

While synthetic oil changes tend to cost more than a conventional oil change, do the benefits outweigh the cost?

Let's get into what the two types of oil are made of and what makes them different.

Conventional Oil

At it's core, conventional oil has a petroleum base that usually has the same properties as a 5 grade oil. This grade of oil can be thicker in low temperatures and pretty thin in high temperatures. So to combat that, companies place additives in the oil that makes it remain thicker in higher temperatures and vice versa. The combinations of these additives and the 5 grade petroleum base makes what we know as the 5W-30 oil. 

However, these additives dissolve over time and what you're left with is oil that has returned to the original petroleum base which explains why engine performance suffers the longer you go between oil changes. 

Introducing synthetic oil!

From creation, synthetic oil is designed to be a specific grade of oil such as 5W-30. Remember when we mentioned that conventional oil has a 5 grade petroleum base at it's core? With synthetic oil, it's core is already 5W-30. What this means is it won't break down to a lesser quality. 

Because of the way synthetic oil is designed from the start, performance enhancing additives are able to be mixed in which can further prolong the life of your engine. While the additives may fade when it comes time for your next oil change, the quality of the oil remains 5W-30. This is significantly better than conventional oil that breaks down to it's petroleum base. 

Should I be getting a synthetic oil change?

As you can see, synthetic oil is better for your vehicle's health and performance. However, if you only drive minimal miles a day and don't make road trips too often, then you will probably be fine with conventional oil as long as you get regular oil changes. 

For those of us that make long commutes and travel out of town every other weekend, synthetic oil may be a smart choice. 

Whichever oil you choose, the key is regular maintenance. 

Where can I get an oil change?

People see all these fast cars in front of the shop and don't think we do regular maintenance. I'm here to tell you that YES we do oil changes. YES we do brake jobs. YES we can fix your family car!

Just stop in or give us a call at 281.493.9300


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