This week we finished up work on the '66 Corvette. The customer bought the car at an auction and the engine blew when he drove it home.

But wait…there’s more!

When we started taking the car apart we found mud in places mud shouldn’t be and we quickly realized that we were dealing with a flood car. Judging by how high up on the car the mud was we guessed that the corvette had been at least a foot under water at some point. You would never know it at first glance, but when we started taking apart internal pieces it wasn’t hard to miss.

So this job went from an engine rebuild and replacement to a whole new brake system, new bearings, transmission, driveshaft, radiator, alternator, ignition system, and AC system!

Take a look at the video above as we go through everything we did on the car.

PS - Watch until the end for the bloopers….I’ll be honest they’re the best part!

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