This customer brought us his ‘68 Camaro to fix up because it’s a gift for his son.  At first the customer just wanted to fix a few oil leaks and make sure that the car would hold together. When we pulled the drain pan out it had lots of metal fragments in it. After inspecting the engine to find out where the metal was coming from we discovered that all the teeth had been gnawed off of the timing chain because a cam button had not been installed to keep the cam from moving back and forth.

So after informing the customer of our findings he decided to start with a clean slate and replace the original motor with a 383 stroker. We also ended up installing a 700R transmission, KennyCarb, BeCool Radiator, MSD Ignition, and we refreshed the wiring.

Everything we did not only made this ‘68 Camaro more powerful, but it also made it a more reliable driver. For a carbureted motor, a good ignition system is so important for the reliability of the vehicle which is why we went with MSD. Combine that with the refreshed wiring and a radiator that will keep the car cool on the hottest Texas summer days and you get a pretty mean little hot rod!

Now the customer and his son can enjoy their Camaro for years to come!

Also, watch until the end for the bloopers...they’re pretty good this week!

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