1969 Camaro: Big Block Chevy Upgrade

This 1969 Camaro may look original on the outside, but under the hood it's all muscle. After purchasing this hot rod, the customer brought it to us for a power overhaul. It came in with a 396, but of course that wasn’t enough.

We installed a monster 555 cubic inch big block Chevy engine where the 396 used to be. But the work didn’t stop there. This Camaro also needed some other components to make the most of it’s new powerhouse.

Ceramic Headers

It’s no secret that engine bays get hot. The engine itself can get up to 220 degrees but when you combine that with everything else that’s going on under the hood, the temperature of the entire engine bay can climb above 250 degrees. As you can imagine, it’s important for the external components to stay cool just like the engine which is why many hot rod owners choose ceramic headers. Ceramic has a unique ability to stand up against heat which makes it a great tool in keeping headers from getting too hot.

BeCool Radiator

Speaking of keeping things cool, this big block needed a big radiator to keep the temperature under control. We’ve been doing this for 30 years and we know what works and what doesn’t. When you need to keep a hot rod cool no matter the engine size or the temperature outside, go with BeCool. We choose BeCool for this Camaro and it runs like a champ even in this summer heat.

Tremec 5 Speed Transmission

We like pairing this transmission with many of our engine swaps because Tremecs provide a smooth driving experience while still being efficient at carrying as much horsepower as it can to the rear wheels.

Old Air AC System

The engine bay isn’t the only thing that needs to be kept cool in this Texas heat! A common request we get from our hot rod and classic car customers is air conditioning. Old Air is a great system and we recommend it to many of our customers. This ‘69 Camaro was not exception and now the driver can be cool while making a lot of power.

Wilwood Front Big Brake System

You know what they say, big power means big brakes. What good is all that power if you can’t slow it down when you need to? Wilwood makes a great product and it is our go-to system for high horsepower builds like this one. 

This hot rod is ready to rule the road now with it’s new 555 cubic inch power house, big radiator and brakes, and a new AC system!

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