1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1

Not every classic car that comes through our doors is a full restoration. Often times the customer just wants certain items upgraded. Our mission is to meet the customer's desires and budget while maintaining quality. It can be a fine like at times, but this 1971 Mach 1 is a great example of freshening up a classic without going through a full restoration.

This 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 was in need of some TLC. It had been sitting in a barn for a few years when the customer decided to get it running again. We made all of the necessary upgrades to make it a safe driver while also adding a little bit of power because, well, that's just what we do.

Get It Running

The main task at hand was to get the car running and driving safely. To do this, a few upgrades had to be done.

Carburetor & MSD Package

One of our most popular packages we do for customers that want to drive their classic cars regularly is our carburetor and MSD Ignition package. MSD Ignition systems are known for their reliability and when combined with one of our tuned carburetors you get an increase in power as well.


With the car running so well, it needed to stop even better. Since the car had been sitting for so long a complete overhaul of the brake system was needed. This meant we replaced everything from the master cylinder to the drums.


Getting the car running is one thing. Making it a comfortable driver is another. We added all new control arms, shocks, tie rods, and everything the car would need to ride comfortably.

Cosmetic Work


The black stripe on the hood was starting to fade so the customer elected to have it repainted. The snag here was that he only wanted to repaint the hood stripe and not the stripes along the sides. This meant that the hood would be rich and glossy while the old side stripes as well as the rest of the car would still be flat and faded. We knew it would be a challenge to make the rest of the car blend in with the newly painted hood but we had an idea.

As always, our goal is to accomplish the customer's to-do list and budget while acheiving the highest quality possible.

As you'll see in the video, the hood is painted with a.fresh coat of black paint and then finished with clear coat.

Ceramic Coating

1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 being buffed before the ceramic coating.

To make the hood match the rest of the car the entire vehicle was buffed and ceramic coated. If you've never had a vehicle ceramic coated, we highly recommend it. It's a long-lasting gloss that protects your paint and makes it look brand new for years.

By doing the ceramic coating, the entire vehicle nearly looked repainted rather than just the hood.

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