1972 Chevelle: LS, Whipple, and Holley EFI

What do you get when you put a Gen 3 LS, a Whipple, and Holley EFI in a 1972 Chevelle? A hot rod that is bad to the bone!

A customer brought us this ‘72 Chevelle already equipped with a Gen 3 LS motor and told us he wanted to not only take it to car shows but also have fun driving it. We agreed on a Whipple, powder-coated red of course, and a Holley EFI Terminator system. To make all this happen the spark plugs, throttle body, injectors, and pulley system had to be upgraded as well. 

Since we didn’t build this car from the ground up, we didn’t know the integrity of what was underneath so we did not put it on the dyno for final numbers. However, we estimate that it gained somewhere between 150 and 200 horsepower when it was all said and done.

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