A few months ago we were commissioned to restore a 1977 Ford Bronco. However, this was not intended to be a complete restoration. No, the customer wanted to have this truck brought back to life so that his family could cruise around his ranch in it. So this Bronco was going to be a fun-having offroad machine!

Here are some before photos from when the customer had it.

By the time the truck came to us the body was in better shape. Our job was to fit the front fenders, grille, and hood to all mesh together without any gaps. This meant that there was some grinding, sanding, and custom fabricating involved.

While the body work was being done to the front end, our wiring guy was hard at work wiring up all the gauges and accessories so that once the Bronco was painted it’d be a quick reassembly of everything.

It’s amazing what a new paint job can do for a vehicle. Just look at this before and after of the dash. Paint can completely transform a project!

And now…the moment you’ve all been waiting for. I present to you the ‘77 Bronco project completed! Looks like a pretty suite ranch buggy, right? The customer and his family are going to enjoy this one for years to come!

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