We were commissioned to get a 1985 CJ7 in top shape so that the customer can take it out to his lease for hunting season.

The ultimate hunting vehicle must be reliable, quiet, and help you have the most successful hunt possible.

A typical hunting rig usually has a quiet engine, durable interior, space for multiple people, and lights that can see the wildlife before it sees you.

We gave this Jeep the ultimate hunting vehicle package. We applied a color-matched spray-in bedliner to the entire interior of the vehicle. This allows the interior to get banged up without showing signs of wear and tear.

Color-matched spray-in bedliner interior.

The entire CJ7 had to be rewired to function properly. While we had everything apart, we went ahead and replaced the original headlights with LEDs and added two 24” Predator Cannon light bars.

What’s neat about these light bars is that they emit light on a color tone that cannot be seen by hogs and coyotes. All of the predator hunters out there know how valuable this feature is.

The Predator Cannon light bars are bright enough to use for drivability at night. In fact, you can see up to 1,000 yards out with these lights.

The Predator Cannon Emits Red Light Up To 1,000 Yards

And yet, because of the red color-tone, this hunting rig will go undetected by wildlife.

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