We took a 2020 GT500 with less than 200 miles on it, took it apart, and got to work making it a bad fast street car that is now making over 1,000 horsepower.

First on the to-do list was to remove the Ford Performance blower and send it off the Modern Airflow Dynamics to be ported. Porting the blower removes turbulence and allows the air to flow more freely. The larger and smoother the airway is inside the blower, the more power it is able to make.

We wanted to make sure that the rest of the system would be able to handle the increased airflow from the cold air intake and ported blower so we added larger headers and x-pipe from American Racing Headers.

What really makes the package powerful is all of the smaller performance enhancements because they add up quickly. For example, we replaced the existing upper pulley with a smaller one, swapped out the throttle body, upgraded the fuel rails and injectors, and added a JLT Cold Air Intake. All of these modifications may seem small by themselves but when you combine them all with the ported blower, Lund Tune, and headers it makes for a 1,000+ horsepower machine.

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