A couple weeks ago this gorgeous GT350 was brought in to the shop because the customer was having all kinds of problems with it. He said he had been to 2 other shops and nobody could figure it out. Well when we popped the hood and started looking it over, we immediately knew what was wrong.

The shop the customer originally went to was supposed to not only install the Whipple Supercharger, but also install the supporting mods like the fuel system, injectors, and tune it properly. Would you believe that the only thing installed was the supercharger? To make matters worse, the customer was under the impression that he received all those other mods so he was running the car on E85 thinking that it was equipped for it. Unfortunately, he had been taken advantage of.

This is an excellent lesson in not only choosing a shop you trust, but also why it is so important to add the supporting mods. When you go the supercharger route, you gain a lot of power. More power than the car is equipped for coming out of the factory. So to support that added power it’s necessary to at least make sure the car is properly tuned. Also, if you’re already supercharging your vehicle then investing in a fuel system, bigger injectors, an oil pump gear, and crank sprocket is a smart decision because you will get the most bang for your buck. In fact, all of our supercharger packages come with the supporting mods included so that you can be sure you’re getting the most power and reliability for your money.

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